In a world changing as rapidly as the media landscape, staying on the leading edge of technology is vital. Systems Tech are MediaCom’s Data and Technology experts creating market leading technology products that enable our clients to build their brands and outperform the market. We create solutions that differentiate and empower our clients and our people. This ranges from innovative technology products purpose built for clients, transforming our client and media data to insight, and implementing technology to improve the way MediaCom works for clients. We work hand in hand with specialists across MediaCom, bringing our wealth of experience and talent in building and supporting the tools that bring our clients’ campaigns to life.

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As well as great creative ideas, today’s marketer needs the right media technology solutions from their agency to best address their business challenges and opportunities. We build the tools and technology for our MediaCom Seeing the Bigger Picture products that provide our clients competitive advantage. Our products span across every step of the journey, from media campaign strategy, planning, activation, optimisation, to reporting. We provide custom solutions to meet individual client needs, delivering faster, more efficient and more powerful ways to connect markets and grow business at a global scale. We work hand in hand with GroupM and WPP to ensure technology innovation and best practice is shared and utilised to maximum advantage for our clients.

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It doesn’t matter how much data you have if you can’t extract meaningful information from it quickly. We are a data-driven agency. We specialise in the collection, transformation and visualisation of planning, performance, and analytic data across multiple sources, in line with global data protection and privacy regulation best practice. We transform data into meaningful information to enable clients to make informed decisions. We build exceptional reporting platforms providing actionable business insights to optimise campaigns in the moment and determine strategy in the future.

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As technology evolves, we apply it to enhance the way MediaCom works on our clients’ behalf. From automation of workflow processes to solutions focusing on data quality and integrity to increasing our staff productivity, our products enable MediaCom to work brilliantly for our clients.

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