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Gaming is big, very big!

In a world where Netflix see Fortnite as a bigger competitor to their business than Amazon, Disney, Hulu and HBO combined, you know that gaming is impossible to ignore. It has become single biggest entertainment genre on the planet, bigger than music and film combined. There are more than 3 billion people consuming video games and 18-34 year olds spend more time gaming than on social media or watching TV.

Think all gamers are teenagers? Think again

Contrary to the gamer stereotype of teenage boys in their bedrooms, gamers include everyone from mums and dads, to millennials and young professionals, and even grandparents. Gaming has become a cross-generational pastime like movies, music and television.

Gaming world is complex. We make it simple.

When looking at the gaming eco-system of streaming platforms, publishers, developers, teams, competitions, influencers and other channels, the sheer complexity can be overwhelming. We simplify this process with our ability to overlay audience data across the entire gaming landscape to identify the most relevant and authentic way to show up in this unique environment

As a business committed to help clients See The Bigger Picture, MediaCom Play is our dedicated, full-service gaming practice which advises clients on how best to invest and execute in the fastest growing entertainment genre in the world. With every client asking: “ How do we play in gaming?”, MediaCom Play is our answer.

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