Our People

Stephen Allan

Worldwide Chairman & CEO
The media landscape has changed so radically that the word ‘media’ no longer adequately describes it. Increasingly consumers search for and consume content, with no regard for who might have created it or distributed it. So, forward-thinking advertisers are realising that they need a media agency that is as adept at creating, delivering and managing content as it is at planning and buying media.

Appointed as MediaCom Worldwide's Chairman and CEO in August 2008, Stephen was previously CEO of GroupM UK, and prior to that led MediaCom UK as its CEO. During his tenure, he quadrupled its billings to become the first UK £1 billion media agency and catapulted the agency's ranking from 6th to 1st position. Also voted Media Agency of the Year, MediaCom was recognised by the Sunday Times as one of the Top 100 companies to work for. In December 2008, Stephen was voted Campaign Media Achiever of the Year, and in 2009, the MediaCom network was the first ever network to have been presented with two global awards: M&M Agency Network of the Year and The Festival of Media Agency Network of the Year.

What’s your favourite ad campaign of all time?

Budweiser's "Whassup?!" Campaign

One of the best ever examples of an ad campaign infiltrating culture on a global scale, "Whassup?!" became a common greeting and a pop-culture phrase - and it made me laugh every time. Mainstream media attention helped it to overcome all demographic divisions. It was a 'campaign' in the real sense of the word because it became the platform and led to a more expansive campaign called "True" that ran for years. And most importantly it worked, Anheuser-Busch's domestic market share grew to 50%.

Helen Brown