MediaCom launches LookUP: an inclusive business acceleration program created for future leaders

MediaCom launches LookUP: an inclusive business acceleration program created for future leaders

Earlier this month, MediaCom APAC welcomed a host of its C-suite clients and partners to the official launch of LookUP: a newly created inclusive business acceleration programme for the media and creative industries which is aimed at passionate individuals who are motivated to advance and ready to put valuable business and life lessons into action.

True to MediaCom’s People First, Better Results ethos, LookUP is a fully inclusive, industry-wide initiative created in partnership with some of the most progressive companies in the industry who will work together with a shared mission to collectively drive change for good.

The expansive partner list of those progressive companies already supporting LookUP includes Facebook, Spotify, Google, Unruly, LinkedIn, Mediacorp and Netflix. Each partner will host a workshop and share content which has been curated by a diverse and divergent group of individuals with a particular focus on creating a level playing field for future leaders.

Mark Heap, CEO, APAC, said, “When we look around at our industry today there is some progress being made to drive change within our industry and provide equal opportunities for our people to grow. However, by operating in single company siloes we cannot drive change fast or fiercely enough.

We created LookUP to bring together the most progressive companies in our industry, work together with a shared mission and collectively drive change for good. Our vision is to create a program of meaningful business lessons to unlock growth potential and level the playing field for all.

We’re so excited to have finally kicked off LookUP! We’ve had tremendous support from the industry so far, and we have an amazing line up of partners and content for next year.”

Regan Baillie, Chief Business Development and Marketing Officer, APAC added: “LookUP is a natural fit for us as our ethos is People First, as at the heart of LookUP is an inclusive programme to welcome and benefit everybody to provide them with business lessons they need to accelerate in their own careers”.

The inaugural LookUP workshop in partnership with Facebook took place in Singapore on Friday 18 October. Entitled ‘Managing Bias’ presented by Kelly Olafson, is a two-hour foundational training course using academic and industry research, and examples, to illustrate four types of unconscious bias prevalent in the workplace. This course offered actionable strategies attendees could use to increase awareness of and counteract unconscious bias in the workplace.

The three key takeaways attendees received from Facebook’s ‘Managing Bias’ workshop included:

  1. Unconscious bias is in all of us and so, awareness is the first stage to overcoming these hard-wired biases
  2. Understanding bias offers a great opportunity for both personal and professional growth
  3. Unconscious bias can go unnoticed unless we acknowledge it, and act from an individual and organisational level

Matthew Drury, Agency Development Lead WPP, Facebook said “Diversity and inclusion are really important for us as a business, and that’s why when MediaCom approached us to be launch partners, we jumped at the chance to share tangible ways to foster a culture of inclusion across the industry. We’re really proud to be the inaugural partners for LookUP.”

The next LookUP event will take place on Friday 6 December and will be in partnership with Spotify. Grant ‘Axe’ Rawlinson, a world-class human-powered-explorer and a professional team decision making coach, will host a workshop entitled ‘Into the Unknown’. Attendees will experience an interactive, highly engaging, decision- making workshop based on Grant’s real-life adventures to inspire people to think differently, make more effective decisions and to focus clarity on what the next steps one needs to grow.

Sea Yen Ong; VP of Sales at Spotify said, “The advertising & marketing industry is one which sees more changes than most would prefer. The retention of good talent becomes increasingly harder and one core reason is due to the lack of strong leadership capable of carrying them through these changes.

MediaCom is embarking on a journey that helps equip future leaders with relevant skills for today’s environment. At Spotify, we believe that in order for us to stay ahead, both our people and the company must develop faster than the world changes. We are thrilled to be partnering MediaCom on the same mission, contribute and make a difference.”

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