MediaCom dominates Festival of Media Global Awards shortlist

After topping the Gunn Media 100 earlier this week, MediaCom has set a new record at the Festival of Media Global Awards, with 58 shortlisted entries across 31 brands from 16 countries. MediaCom Israel was the most shortlisted agency at the awards with 13 entries making the list, with MediaCom UK coming a close second with 12.

MediaCom had three campaigns with four shortlists; Beautiful Lengths for Pantene in Israel, Lady Prieta for Cerverza Victoria in Mexico and Theraflu Flu Tracker in Russia. Work for Cancer Research UK, Deutsche Telekom in Europe and both Always and Gillette in Israel secured three nominations each.

In total, 17 markets – from Kenya to Mexico and Indonesia to Saudi Arabia – have been involved in the 35 campaigns shortlisted.

This recognition builds on a record-breaking 2017 when MediaCom was named Global Agency Network of the Year by AdWeek, Campaign, Festival of Media Global and M&M Global.

“Brilliant insight and smart strategy can be tough to deliver even once but MediaCom’s consistent awards performance shows that we have the people, processes and tools to do it time and again for our clients. It’s a huge credit to our teams right around the world, demonstrating that we can deliver best-in-class work from all our offices and all our markets. Results like this demonstrate that we are creating a true network of systems thinkers rather than simply celebrating a few hotspots of great work,” said Toby Jenner, Global COO at MediaCom.

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