Andy Littlewood Named Adweek Media All-Star 2018

17 Media Agency Execs Guiding the Industry During Turbulent Times

As the average creative account win shrinks and clients across the brand spectrum move more work in-house, media continues to be the most important part of the global agency equation. In 2018, bold leadership and creative thinking in media is critical for any marketer looking to reach the right customer with the right message in the most effective place and time. For those reasons and more, this year’s All-Stars will lead the industry forward. —Patrick Coffee

Andy Littlewood, Head of Knowledge, MediaCom NA

It’s perhaps fitting that Andy Littlewood, who describes himself as “part self-taught psychology junkie and part statistics machine,” now holds the “head of knowledge” title at MediaCom North America.

Tasked with helping provide agency teams and clients faster access to the systems and services that are available through MediaCom and GroupM, Littlewood says, “My job is to continually scan the market and secure the right data, tools, systems and empirical knowledge to fuel our clients’ business plans.”

To that end, Littlewood identified new sources of geographic data for one national retail client that fueled hyper-local planning for existing locations and new store launches.

Among the clients that Littlewood has provided with simple, integrated data-driven solutions are Bose, MetLife, Sony, Uber, Uniqlo and Whole Foods.

“Andy has laid the very foundation of our paid media strategy,” says Whole Foods global vp of marketing Sonya Gafsi Oblisk. “He and the team have delivered a 2.2x increase in YOY e-store revenue attributable to paid media support.”

A native of Scotland, Littlewood began his career as an assistant at MediaCom’s Edinburgh office, where he cut small ads out of newspapers. This inauspicious start eventually led him to such roles as a communications planner at Aegis, and then head of analytics and direct at PHD in Australia.

In 2011, MediaCom’s current global COO, Toby Jenner, who was then CEO of MediaCom Australia, brought him back to the fold and named him MediaCom Australia’s chief of data, ROI and direct response. Three years ago, MediaCom USA CEO Sasha Savic lured Littlewood to the U.S., hiring him as the shop’s first ever “head of knowledge.”

“Andy is a unicorn in the agency world,” offers Savic. “Time and time again, he’ll stand in front of a client or prospect and translate a deep understanding of media planning science, consumer psychology, economics and brand behavior into client-specific ideas and solutions that no one else could deliver. Then he’ll smile and ask the client, ‘Is this clear? Are we OK?’ with his charming Scottish accent. That’s Andy.”

A.J. Katz

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