MediaCom’s Sue Unerman authors WARC guide to marketing to women

Unerman highlights six key ways marketers can better target women around the world

MediaCom UK’s Chief Transformation Officer has written WARC’s new guide to marketing effectively to women.

Sue Unerman’s best practice paper points out that since 70-80% of all purchases are made by women worldwide, good marketing to women is simply good marketing.

She highlights six key ways that marketers can better target the huge diversity of 3.5bn women around the world, who often exhibit different media behaviours to men and are more likely to adopt social media.

Too often, says Unerman, marketers fall back on the clichéd stereotypes that demonstrate a lack of respect for this audience.

Among the guidance offered is:

Focus on behaviour not age: Key life events such as parenthood now occur at a wide range of different ages and do not define the person.

Be authentic: Brands need to express authenticity not just through brand essence and tone of voice, not just in advertising, but in all elements of the communication strategy.

Be friendly and relevant: There’s a finished perfection to most brand communications that does not necessarily enhance approachability. But it isn’t numbers of tweets/posts that count; it is the brand’s tone of voice and share-ability.

Be funny: Most ads aimed at women fail the humour test. Getting the humour right will help messages stand out from the crowd.

Act with meaning: There’s an increasing expectation that business should do something for good, especially amongst younger women. MediaCom Real World Insight research found in 2017 that 40% of consumers have stopped using a brand, or not bought it, because of its values or behaviour.

Empower women, don’t objectify them: There’s no better way to stand out amongst a vanilla ocean of stereotypes than to show women in powerful positions in marketing communications.

The full paper can be downloaded from the WARC website.

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