MediaCom APAC and HYPR launch world’s first influencer optimisation tool

New tool brings science to influencer selection by eliminating audience and platform duplication

MediaCom APAC, in partnership with HYPR, the world’s leading influencer search and discovery directory, has announced the launch of a new Influencer Optimisation Tool that enables advertisers to identify and improve the reach and impact of their social influencers.

By using HYPR’s existing database of over 10 million influencer profiles and audience demographic data, MediaCom co-developed the tool to bring empirical rigour to influencer planning, empowering their clients with the ability to strategically curate a list of influencers with distinctive reach and – for the first time – eliminating audience duplication across influencers and platforms.­

Accessible via a one-stop dashboard, marketers can now view the unique and combined number of followers for an influencer list, and are further able to dynamically assess how changes to the list will impact effectiveness and efficiencies. By leveraging these new insights, brands can ultimately minimise wastage and improve ROI on their influencer marketing strategies.

MediaCom clients will be the first to have access to this pioneering Influencer Optimisation Tool, which is currently being piloted on the P&G haircare business in the Philippines and will be rolled out to other APAC markets over the coming months.

Priyali Kamath, Brand Director, Hair Care, P&G Asia-Pacific, says:

“This innovative tool from MediaCom brings data-driven insights to influencer selection by identifying and optimising the KOLs most appropriate to the brand. Typically, we have seen that there is limited factual data on influencers, and selection is often based on qualitative factors like perceived popularity and topical trends. This unique tool removes this ambiguity, eliminating redundancies in the KOL mix. We are excited to be the first to test this in the Philippines.”

MediaCom’s APAC Business Lead for P&G, Anupama Biswas, adds:

“We are proud to trial this ground-breaking audience tool on the P&G business first, ultimately helping the world’s biggest advertiser to better understand and optimise their influencer strategies through real, observed data and insights. In doing so, we are setting a new quality benchmark for the future of influencer strategies and metrics, which results in more precise budgeting and greater effectiveness for all marketers.”

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