Australia’s unique way to measure and show diversity

MediaCom Australia needed a unique way to tell our One MediaCom story and illustrate our team’s diversity.

One thing we all loved was how your name is unique, which can say so much about you and where you’re from.

So, we decided to create our own MediaCom Australia name.

We placed every Australian employee’s surname into a custom-built algorithm, determining the average length and most used characters. From the 228 names, we determined the average length was 7 characters and from the letter frequency our unique MediaCom AU name ‘SANLÉNO’ was created.

Thanks to our Australian, English, Irish, Croatian, Canadian, Vietnamese, New Zealand, Ukrainian, Singaporean, American, Lebanese, Taiwanese, Spanish, Polish, Scottish, Indian, Argentinian, Chinese, Filipino, Maltese, Greek and Welsh staff for contributing to SANLÉNO, our Australian name.

Twenty-two nationalities. One family. One MediaCom.

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