The Connected Life at CES 2015: Wrap-Up report

MediaCom's post-show guide to the world's largest tech conference

CES 2015 was bigger than ever: 150,000+ attendees from over 150 countries, 1.9 million feet of space, 3,200 exhibitors and 20,000 products.

To help their friends and guests navigate it all, MediaCom US curated original and third-party news and insights before, during and after the show on their own CES 2015 2015 content hub, “The Connected Life.”

Now that the dust has finally settled, they’ve pulled together the best of that content for their comprehensive, post-show review of CES 2015, offering their thoughts on the most interesting new products and technologies, along with why they matter and what – if anything – marketers should be doing about them right now.

And just like “The Connected Life Hub” real-time hub, they’ve organized the information into four important categories: Home, Mobility, Health & Wellness and Lifestyle.

For marketers in particular, one theme dominated most of the proceedings, and that’s data. Whether it’s generated from the wearable on your wrist, your smart refrigerator, your door lock or your self-driving car, the amount of data being generated has the potential to transform how we develop, manufacture, price, distribute, promote and measure the success of nearly every product and service we create.

Not as immediately satisfying as the Belfie, perhaps, but far more mind-blowing and impactful in the long run.

Read MediaCom’s full CES 2015 post-show guide here.

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