MediaCom drives content for Audi Australia TT launch

MediaCom has created a mesmerizing piece of content and interactive digital experience to power the launch of Audi's all new third-generation Audi TT.

MediaCom are the driving force behind raising awareness and excitement for Audi’s campaign for the new third-generation Audi TT, with a piece of content entitled Head to Head. As part of the campaign, an interactive digital experience has also been created which enables viewers to explore the TT as part of Head to Head.

The campaign’s objective is to reposition the model by dialling up the dynamic, sporty performance and design innovation of the new Audi TT and as a result, will drive reappraisal and create an intriguing perspective of the new third-generation Audi TT.

Working in collaboration with 9mm and award winning international director Jeremy Goodall, MediaCom Beyond Advertising (MBA) has created a state of the art, mesmerizing film, which creates awareness and builds intrigue amongst the target audience.

The captivating film, created by MBA, is set in an urban location where light and shadows are the playing field as it portrays two friends showing their other side, by day professionals, by night challengers – a high drama game between man and machine, an elegant ‘dance’ where innovative design and manoeuvrability wins the day.

The content delivers a unique point of view and is a modern expression of design and performance based on the movement of light and space. Head to Head is a fusion of postmodern environment and a visual essay of the design, sophistication and power of the new third-generation Audi TT.

In partnership with MI9, an immersive digital strategy has been created to align with digital consumption habits of the audience across the entire day. Formats tailored specially to the campaign have been developed to run alongside the brand messaging, which shifts across devices depending on the time of day. In order to change perception, an experience is created to drive reappraisal of the TT. By day, users will experience the TT brand message across mobile, tablet and desktop. By night, the contrasting MBA content is bought to life by a bespoke video unit designed with unique user interactions built in to highlight key features of the car.

The digital strategy is also mirrored in large format OOH where backlighting technology brings to life key Audi TT design features, with headlights and virtual cockpit elements lighting up after dark.

Kevin Goult, General Marketing Manager, Audi Australia said, “MediaCom has delivered an exciting and dynamic campaign for the launch of the Audi TT. It’s been a pleasure working with the MediaCom Beyond Advertising team who created a unique piece of content which brings to life the new sleek design of the car, setting the TT apart from competitors in market.”

Shelby Craig, Creative Director, MBA said, “Like Audi, MBA’s mission is to always innovate and push boundaries. Collaborating with our talented production partners and a legendary international director, we knew we could create a moment in time that would stop the audience in its tracks. Great clients like Audi understand the importance of content, and through the excitement portrayed through this piece of content, the new Audi TT is represented as the story’s true hero”.

Great work and content continues to be high on the agenda for MediaCom’s MBA as they enter 2015. Last year was an extremely successful year for the specialist division being named the winner of BEfest’s 2014 ‘Content Marketing Agency of the Year’ amongst many other accolades received from global, regional and local awarding bodies.

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