MediaCom and Google team up for Mobile Ignition Project

Training scheme developed to create mobile excellence globally

July 29th 2014, London : Google and MediaCom are to work together to produce a bespoke training programme for the agency’s planners and strategists designed to develop a mobile first mindset right around the world.

The new programme, called Mobile Ignition, will ensure that MediaCom not only has mobile excellence hard wired into all its digital teams but also that it has the broadest base of mobile expertise in the agency world.

Mobile Ignition will cover both the new opportunities that mobile offers as well as an in-depth understanding on how mobile fits into a multi-channel communications plan.

It will also include best practice in the use of Google’s analytics and demonstrate how digital planners can spot and execute opportunities using Google data to ensure they select the best channels and mobile techniques for their clients.

MediaCom will work with Google to ensure that the content of  Mobile Ignition is directly aligned with the needs of its clients as well as developing bespoke content around specific MediaCom best practice and the successful mobile campaigns the agency has already developed around the world.

The final course will be online-only and is expected to take up to an hour to complete. The training will be road tested later this year before being rolled out to the whole network.

The expectation is that all of MediaCom’s mobile planners, buyers and strategists in core markets will have completed the course by 2015, reinforcing MediaCom’s position as the most mobile-aware media agency globally.

“Mobile is becoming an increasingly important channel for brands as consumers spend more and more time on their smart phones. Consequently, major brands have tended to test the waters with Google, a platform they know and feel comfortable with from their experience of search. Mobile Ignition will ensure that digital planners have the technical knowledge to make the best use of the tools that Google has developed,” said Ben Phillips, Global Head of Mobile at MediaCom.

“Google and MediaCom working together can provide a huge volume of insight, knowledge and experience in this space. By developing Mobile Ignition in partnership, we can bring deeper levels of expertise in mobile to MediaCom and its clients,” said Phil Jones, Global Agency Business Leader at Google.

MediaCom has focusing on its expansion of mobile expertise following the appointment of Ben Phillips as Global Head of Mobile in December 2013. Mobile spend across its client base has significantly increased as best practice has been rolled out across the agency’s global network of 122 offices.

The agency has also signed unique partnership agreements with companies such as rich media advertising and analytics firm Celtra and mobile ad serving experts Medialets to make mobile a simpler, more efficient and more cost effective channel for its clients.

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