Stephen Allan visits Mexico

MediaCom Worldwide Chairman and CEO speaks to Campañas magazine about the importance of growing the agency's position in Latin America

Stephen Allan, Worldwide Chairman and CEO of MediaCom, was in Mexico recently to drive home the importance of growing the agency’s position in Latin America.

Speaking to trade title Campañas, Stephen said his visit was important because MediaCom wanted to become the number one agency globally, and eventually locally too.

“MediaCom is already the market leader in several countries in Europe and Asia and aims to become a leading agency in Mexico too because there are amazing clients to partner with,” he added.

The agency has grown in leaps and bounds based on its historical strength in Europe and recent rapid growth in Asia, where it began developing six years ago. Since then MediaCom has grown to become number #3 in Asia, the same rank it holds globally.

“In Mexico and Latin America,” Stephen tells us, “MediaCom wants to achieve the same level of success.” Stephen’s first action was to hire Fernando Silva as Regional CEO, who had helped recruit Martin Terzano as leader in Mexico. “MediaCom was particularly pleased to have a leader with such a depth of digital understanding,” he adds.

A key goal for Stephen’s trip was to learn more about the country and its opportunities – a place where he perceives that the investment in digital media is still low but bound to increase.

“MediaCom’s focus had shifted from being a company that only buys media to a business that distributes content of all sorts – from the 10″ commercial spot to a presence in a movie (like FedEx in Cast Away),” Stephen says.

“The role of the media agency should be broader, and that will benefit clients, as well as the agency. In key markets like Mexico, MediaCom is already developing a wide range of services and capabilities to provide a wide range of communication solutions under the same roof.”

“Content distribution, in particular, is ever more important now that consumers are more informed and it is possible to determine where best to find them,” he continues. “The aim is to deliver the right message and therefore, generate high impact and engagement. The agency aims to use its great understanding of consumer data to target such content in a precise way.”

The company’s vision is to become value-added partners for clients by making a significant difference to their business results. Stephen emphasises that, throughout his 31-year career, he has always believed that decisions on media channels should be made at the beginning of the conversation, not the end.

The CEO considers that good content is the long-term survival kit for any advertiser, especially in digital. This development, he claimed, is seen in several markets, albeit at different speeds.

“The most important thing for MediaCom is to be leaders not followers,” he tells us, concluding that it´s all about ‘People first, Better results’, the company tag line.

Orginally published by Campañas.

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