Fernando Silva announces Martin Terzano as CEO of MediaCom Mexico

Martín Terzano and Fernando Silva: "The objective is to underpin current portfolio and grow in size"

With a career in media spanning 16 years, including six at Starcom Mexico, Martin Terzano has three key objectives: to continue to foster strong relationships with clients; to establish new staff training programmes to improve the digital expertise of the agency, and finally, to focus on winning new business.

“There are two key pillars at MediaCom. The first, ‘People first’, is a philosophy that Martin fully embodies as a recognised and successful team leader. The second, digital expertise, is crucial for us, so we are focused on developing the digital knowledge of every single member of our team, to create truly holistic, 360˚ plans of our clients. Martin has extensive experience across both of these, as both general Managing Director of MediaVest and as managing director of the digital arm of MediaVest Group”, explained Fernando Silva, regional CEO of MediaCom Latin America, regarding the new appointment.

The new executive explained this he was attracted to the position for several reasons, including  the opportunity to once again work with Fernando, facing the challenge of being the top-ranking media agency in the region and the “people first” philosophy of MediaCom.

Regarding his initial goals and expectations, Martin said: “First of all, it is to support our existing clients and continue the work that Edgardo began. Secondly, it is to grow in size.” Fernando further explains that MediaCom in Mexico and Latin America does not have the position of other markets such as Europe or Asia. “We take as our model MediaCom Asia, which has been consistently successful in business and growing digital expertise. I do not want to give the wrong message – we will not become a purely digital agency – but we want our staff to be fully aware of all opportunities for our clients to be able to offer the most comprehensive options”.

The key word to achieving all this is investment: investment in resources as well as investment in new areas of growth. In this sense, Fernando mentions the launch of three specific areas. Firstly, Business Science and Insight, where planning is based on econometric models and different models are created from client-specific results. Secondly, Media Beyond Advertising, an area that consolidates content, branded entertainment, social media and mobile presence for brands. Thirdly, Sports Marketing, which inlcudes an exclusivity agreement with Pele until December 2016. “Our intention is clear: to be relevant in sports in Brazil for the World Cup and the Olympics. We seek to bring our clients relevant properties related to sport marketing.”

All this relates to the evolving role of media agencies as true partners to their clients, explains Martin: customers now demand more impact than presence. “They not only want to be present, they want to be relevant in a hyper-segmentation of contact points. That is why it is about finding a way to generate unique content for brands and experiences for consumers. We’re moving towards presence across all possible contact points, to transmit an insight that may be presented in different ways according to the specific place. Surprise the consumer with a different message depending on the media.”

Transparency and honesty

A few days ago, a delicate issue came to light regarding another media agency in Mexico who was accused of abusing in its relationship with different media.

On that subject, Fernando explains, “the credibility of media agencies in general has been questioned throughout Latin America. Many things about this particular case have been said, but there are no certainties. From my role, I can say that GroupM is very strict with incentives and that WPP is one of the most transparent groups on this issue. No one can accept any type of incentive, there is a strict control, and courses in WPP policy and professional ethics are obligatory. ”

In addition, he added that the best way to counteract the problem of credibility is to maintain an open, honest and transparent relationship with clients. “There are different remunerative models. The agency must have a remuneration that allows an adequate margin and fundamentally goes through the opening of showing everything to the client”.

First published and translated from the Ad Latina article, August 6 2013

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