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Associate Director - Proprietary Product Growth

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Proprietary Product Growth Team Associate Director

Overview of job

We are looking for an Associate Director to help lead a brand-new team, responsible for driving growth into our latest and most exciting proprietary products. The aim of the team is to promote existing products to the wider agency and our client base whilst also looking for the next opportunities to develop client facing media products. The successful candidate will also be part of the continued development of our existing products.

This role will be an integral part of the success of this team, working across IDOOH (programmatic OOH), Unmissable (our brand new cross channel hyper local product) and Podcom (podcasting solution). As new products are developed, the PPG team will be responsible for bringing them through the development and incubation phase and driving growth.

Reporting of the role

This role reports to the Investment Partner heading up the PPG team.

3 best things about the job:

  1. Being part of a small dynamic team that drives hugely important revenue streams for the agency. We have the best of both worlds, being agile whilst also having access to the resources of the UK’s biggest agency.

  1. We aren’t tied to one group, or one client, we work across the entire agency, planning, investment and direct links into GroupM, with a remit to approach any client in the business. Our products also cover all media channels.

  1. Reporting directly into the Investment Partner, there is huge opportunity for career development, and with clear measurements of success based on revenue targets for each product within the group.

Measures of success:

  1. Our Unmissable product is the key to success of this group. Brand new, exciting and dynamic, there is a real buzz around the agency for this product. Success for this role and the team will be primarily centred around the swift growth and future development of this product.

  1. IDOOH is a slightly more mature product but requires more structure, which an AD in the team will provide. With aggressive growth targets for 2021, we need to build on the success over the past two years and kick onto the next level. The AD will be tasked with working alongside the existing manager to achieve this.

  1. With Podcom at the product development stage, we are looking for input and ideas as to how to productise and scale this exciting idea. Success will be a developed product being delivered for the agency.

  1. Overall success is driven by hitting our ambitious growth targets and delivering on an important revenue stream for the agency, whilst also delivering the new and exciting for our clients.

In three months, you would have:

  • A full understanding of both IDOOH and Unmissable as products as well as an understanding of the vision for Podcom.
  • Understood and had the opportunity to feed into the strategy vision for 2021 for the group as well as client and revenue forecasting.
  • A full understanding of the sell in on both existing products and begun to promote Unmissable around the agency and to select clients.
  • A good working relationship with the GroupM central IDOOH team and beginning to formulate ideas with the manager on IDOOH as to how this develops.
  • Begun to develop a good working relationship with the Central GroupM team on Unmissable.

What you will need:

  • The skills to be able to understand new and complex products, break them down and sell them into other people.
  • Be able to create narratives in order to drive engagement
  • The ability to understand audiences and how to sell to them
  • Be able to gain trust quickly amongst various different groups.
  • Be able to navigate a very large agency and identify the people who are going to get you what you need.,
  • The type of mindset that can spot future opportunities and gaps in the current offerings, allowing us to develop products further, or create new ones
  • A deep understanding of commerciality and a desire to make money for the agency.
  • A tenacious attitude balanced with the ability to know when to push and when to step back.
  • The ability to work self-sufficiently, but also fit into a tight knit team.
  • Have leadership qualities to bring people along with you and develop the careers of your two direct reports.
  • Most of all, you need to be ambitious and want to drive your career through making a difference to the agency.

*Although we cannot make guarantees, we welcome conversations about flexible working for all roles at MediaCom London*

About MediaCom

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