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For a world deprived of the magic of live sport – we brought the magic back! The Uncancelled Cup was an e-sports event but treated just like a real-life football tournament. Fans loved it and shopping app downloads doubled.

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In a world where sports events were cancelled and everyone was stuck at home, Turkish fans were desperately missing the excitement of live sport. Something bold and inspiring was needed to boost the morale of the weary and dispirited Turkish people.

The Campaign

We created, organised and live-broadcasted an e-sports event exactly like a real-life sports event but rather than a standard e-sports competition, we went beyond and incorporated elements of real football viewing experience such as live broadcasts, live game commentaries, different camera angles, and of course the tactical debates and discussions by pundits after the matches.

Along with a roster of football players and celebrities, including Acun Ilıcalı - who has his own TV channel and broadcasts - they all competed in Uncancelled Cup, which further maximised the popularity of the tournament.


Downloads of the adidas shopping app doubled.

New visitors to from The Uncancelled Cup
Revenue increase.

Festival of Media Global Awards 2021
Best Use of Digital Media, Web
Festival of Media Global Awards 2021
Best Use of eSports and Gaming

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