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Kræsj Pink was a mythical lollipop flavour in Norway, having been delisted in 2012 after poor sales but we brought it back in style by sparking a frenzy with select media.

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Brand owner Diplom-Is has around 50% of the market in Norway, but even that scale couldn’t magic old flavours back to life such as Kræsj Pink. When we looked for reasons to be cheerful, we noticed a fan group clinging to the return of Kræsj Pink. Nevertheless, 25,000 fans in a Facebook group wasn’t a huge starting point, even in a country of just five million.

The Campaign

We needed to leverage our superfans, so we told them that we appreciated their interest and would see what we could do. This first-time communication got our core base fired up.

We then built on this momentum, through small guerrilla posters across the capital Oslo, alluding subtly to a return. The plan was agile, and when a user made a tribute on TikTok, we answered by creating an account. Influencers and radio hosts started to pick up on our activity until we finally broke the news. We were back.


Kræsj Pink became the most sold ice-cream launch in Norway in 2020.

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2 million

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