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Similac created a branded haptics bracelet that enabled pregnant women to receive a warm, caring touch remotely from their loved ones despite social distancing and COVID-19 lockdowns.

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During COVID-19 lockdowns, new mums were separated from most of their loved ones throughout pregnancy. Skin-to-skin contact, known as essential for babies, is equally vital for mums too. Similac needed to make supporting touch for mums as natural to the brand as helping them feed their new-born.

The Campaign

Our big break came from a surprising source – a Dutch sex-tech company called Kiiroo, which specialises in enabling couples to interact from a distance. Similac harnessed this haptics technology to create the experience of touch digitally.

We created hundreds of branded haptics bracelets for expectant mums as part of the standard maternity product sample package, enabling mums-to-be to receive the gift of touch remotely.


Similac officially became the most requested brand at maternity wards (+3%)


Festival of Media Global Awards 2021
Best use of Digital Media, Technology
Festival of Media Global Awards 2021
Brand Bravery Award

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