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Shell wanted to know if its tactical promotions were making a contribution to its retail business in Malaysia. Our challenge was to create a campaign that could prove it made a difference.

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The Campaign

From research, we have identified that Brand Switchers will be our source of growth. We used GPS location data to identify both when Brand Switchers refuelled at Shell and to target them through media.

By combining data on our programmatic activity with visit data, we were able to close the purchase loop from media investment to physical Shell visits.

And because it all happened in real time, we were even able to optimize the campaign as it progressed.


Store visits from Brand Switchers attributed to our activity 7,862 (728% above target!)

Sales shot up
during the campaign. Our message boosted the Brand Net Promoter Score from 4 (Q3 2017) to 13 (Q4 2017).

Awards and Recognition

Festival of Media Global Awards 2019
Best Use of Programmatic

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