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Head & Shoulders is the world’s #1 Anti-Dandruff shampoo. However, in Indonesia, it remained a challenger brand. We realised that H&S’ biggest barrier to the Indonesian market is its brand name. Due to the sounds required to pronounce Head & Shoulders, Indonesians find it very difficult to say. Indonesians were using Head & Shoulders only when they didn’t have to ask for it and using simple-to-pronounce competitors when they did.

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The Campaign

First, we celebrated the struggle many Indonesians face in pronouncing our brand in a comical way by releasing a real online bloopers clip of our own veteran brand ambassador, actor Jo Taslim, mispronouncing our brand name during a TV commercial shoot. We collated all common mispronounciations of our brand – “Heten & soljers”/ “Hed & Solder” – and tweaked our Google search (both voice and written) to accept all versions.

All our efforts climaxed at Indonesia’s most culturally relevant event: Independence Day. We celebrated our 700 languages and dialects with TV messages featuring consumers offering their own version of the H&S brand name, as well as locally-customised regional radio spots. Finally, we produced more than 300 versions of shampoo packs carrying different versions of the Head & Shoulders name.


We sold an additional
bottles as hundreds of thousands of new Indonesian households tried the brand.


Festival of Media Global 2020
The Effectiveness Award
WARC Media Awards 2020
Effective Channel Integration

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