Bachelor of Shaving




We gave thousands of rural Indian graduates a reason to shave by helping them find jobs.


The Campaign

Gillette has been part of the Indian shaving regime for 30 years but the rural market remains a big challenge. We had to drive sales in these under-performing states.

Most Indian men only become serious shavers when they graduate from school and are looking for a job. So we created Gillette Bachelor of Shaving, a course that prepared graduates for real life.

We offered workshops in resumé writing, career counselling and interview skills, and we showed young men how to shave better using Gillette Guard, the brand’s affordable razor.

More than just a job

“When I joined in Mediacom in 2014, Bachelors of Shavings was being piloted in a small state of India called West Bengal. I was astounded with the results of just 3 months of the project. Being the category lead at that point, I knew we had to expand the campaign and reach the youth of rural heartland of India.

We worked along with the client to expand the program. And in just three years, we expanded Bachelors of Shaving to 14 Indian states.

This campaign changed the lives of millions of rural students. It gave an entire generation a chance they otherwise could have missed. I’m honoured to be have been a part of something like this.”

Debankur Kashyap, Senior Business Director

Gilette Bachelor Of Shaving 1600 X 600


Year-on-year sales increase
Graduates from course


Festival of Media Global Awards 2017
Best Local Execution of a Global Brand
Festival of Media Global Awards 2017
The Utility/Public Service Award
Festival of Media Asia Awards 2017
The Utility/Public Service Award
Festival of Media Asia 2017
Best Targeted Campaign
M&M Global Awards 2017
Grand Prix
Campaign of the Year
M&M Global Awards 2017
Best Targeted Campaign

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