Ally implemented a comprehensive financial literacy program for middle schoolers by integrating into the popular gaming world of Minecraft.

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Two-thirds of American adults can’t answer basic personal finance questions, causing devastating damage to their job prospects, credit ratings and more. Young people in the US have more debt than ever before, but less than half of US schools provide any personal finance education.


We had the perfect team to revolutionize personal finance: four young stars from Ally’s college entrepreneurship program who identified the popular game of Minecraft to help middle school students learn financial literacy.

Through the interactive world ‘Fintropolis’ they made it fun to learn about earning money, paying taxes, budgeting, building credit and managing debt, as well as investing and how different careers and early financial decisions can impact their futures. Powered by a partnership with Twitch and their army of gaming influencers, we placed Fintropolis at the epicentre of today’s cultural conversation around gaming.


The education edition is being taken up by 7,000 schools across the country

Fintropolis downloads
3 million
11.6 million
Impressions and views

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Festival of Media Global 2022
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