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Direct Line Group left behind the world of bidding towards a Cost per Sale that treats every conversion equally and entered the new landscape of ingesting Customer Lifetime Value (LTV) data, and subsequently targeting more profitable sales through Paid Search.

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Not all insurance sales are of equal value to Direct Line Group. For example, some drivers have never submitted a claim in all their years of motoring and others have a history of accidents and reckless driving. ​

We, therefore, had to find a way to 1) identify which potential car and home insurance sales had high customer LTV, and then 2) optimise towards this via our search activity. ​


We identified no less than 49 factors that determine LTV and the first step of implementing this strategy was to ensure data integration with our bid management platform Search Ads 360 (SA360). We used API connections from the client’s data housed in Adobe to ensure we were tracking sales volumes, taking into consideration LTV for each of these sales.​

With this data being fed into SA360 on a real-time basis, we could consistently see LTV at keyword level which informed our optimisation decisions. We also adopted Auction Time Bidding in SA360 to take additional contextual audience signals into consideration and utilise the functionality which sets bids at the time of every auction entered. ​

Increase in sales​
Decrease in CPCs

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