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Almost everyone who undergoes treatment for cancer, loses their hair - they feel like a walking billboard for the disease. So we persuaded Noa Azoulay, an Israeli teenage cancer sufferer, to become a real billboard, asking Israelis to get her off Israel’s biggest billboards by donating their hair.

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The Campaign

Beautiful Lengths is Pantene’s charity that allows people to donate hair to be converted into wigs for cancer sufferers.

Donations to Beautiful Lengths in Israel had dropped 13% year-on-year. So thousands of women undergoing treatment for cancer weren’t getting the chance to receive a wig.

Cancer sufferers feel like walking billboards for the disease, so we made people relate to them by making their suffering personal – with billboards.

We put one patient at the heart of the message – Noa Azoulay. Noa spoke to the nation through the most visible billboards in Israel. Her message was simple: “Without a wig, I am just a billboard for cancer. Help me out!”.

More than just a job

“As the Client Director, my task is to always look for ways to refresh and renew our approach to donors to overcome donors fatigue.

The insight really resonated for me. We all crave social media attention. But Cancer patients receive it exactly when they don’t want it - when they lose their hair. So by donating healthy and strong hair to help make natural looking wigs Noa and her friends would be able get off society's ‘billboard’.

This message was driven across multiple platforms that complemented each other from branded content on TV and online, social mass media and PR, OOH activated navigation app display (whenever near a participating hair salon) as well as digital OOH display.

The results were beyond expectations – a 1/3 women in Israel bought the special edition packs to donate money for wig preparation and participate in the cause.

I’ve been working with P&G for over a decade and this campaign made me so proud helping people with cancer feel normal again has been a career and personal highlight.”

Shimi Hamias, Client Director


Hair donations
up 13%
We reached 
of women in Israel
An additional
13% of people
bought a bottle of “Beautiful Lengths” Pantene to support the campaign.


Impact Award
WARC Awards 
Effective Use of Brand Purpose

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