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Similac became a recruitment resource for new mums so they could rejoin the workforce, helping them overcome the hurdles that exist.

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Facing considerable financial stress during the pandemic, new ultra-orthodox mums were forced to go back to work earlier and search for higher-paying jobs but compared to other job-seekers they started from an inferior position due to a lack of core skills and educational deficiencies, which made it hard for them to join the modern job world.


Similac became the ultimate employment source to maximize new ultra-orthodox mums earning potential. We collaborated with a leading HR firm and focused on the placement of new mums returning from maternity leave back into the workforce. Once back to work she would join the formula category creating the opportunity for Similac to boost penetration.


320% increase in the number of Orthodox women in the Similac CRM base

2,500 women joined the job placement activities

Increase in awareness amongst Orthodox

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Festival of Media Global 2022

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