Air Salon


IAI took decommissioned aircrafts and converted the various excess artefacts into new parts, giving them a new lease of life.



Israel-Aerospace-Industries is the world leader when it comes to converting passenger airplanes for cargo usage and the spread of the pandemic added to drastic reduction in passenger flights and to an estimated 12,000 planes that would be converted in the next decade. Additionally, the aviation industry is also seen as a prime contributor to the climate crisis. IAI needed to transform its reputation so they could recruit more of Israel’s brightest talent.


We created a new circular economy in aircraft parts, one that found new lives for items such as seats, windows, trays, bathrooms and seat- belts. By calling on Israel’s world-leading design community to play their part in finding second uses for these items we were able to generate mass interest in IAI and its corporate social responsibility efforts.


The Maala audit ranked IAI
for environmental sustainability.
IAI is
No. 2
in the prestigious annual ranking of “100 Best Places to Work In”.

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