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Coronavirus restrictions were making it harder for Turkish shoppers to get to the supermarkets. So, we created a world-first – a TV shop for leading supermarket CarrefourSA – enabling consumers to shop digitally without leaving home.

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Business success depends on maximising the number of people in CarrefourSA's 699 stores across the country, although store visits were being severely reduced by the new coronavirus measure. People were also becoming fearful for their ability to get food and panic buying when they did get to the shops.

The Campaign

We noticed eCommerce was up dramatically – 64% year-on-year – and people were watching more TV than ever before thanks to the lack of alternative activities. We also found that not only did eight million of Turkey’s households have smart TVs, but the average time spent on TV nationally was up by a staggering 30% year-on-year.

Using these insights, we built something unique – a supermarket you can access via your TV. Viewers watching on Smart TVs were able to turn interactive overlay ads into a shop entrance. Remote control buttons would enable them to select products for their trolley via QR codes or an onscreen digital catalogue, and if they preferred to shop in our physical stores, they could even find out how many people were in their local CarrefourSA store and discover if it was safe to visit.


30% of those who engaged spent time with the digital catalogue and 50% went into the TVShop.

Reach via addressable targeting

Festival of Media Global Awards 2021
Best Direct to Consumer Marketing Campaign
Festival of Media Global Awards 2021
Best Use of Traditional Media, TV

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