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It’s a phrase you hear a lot if you join Mediacom. It’s who we are and who we aspire to be. It’s how we behave and what we value – all summed up in four words. What makes us different is that we care, not just about what we do but about how we do it. How we build, grow, evolve and learn together. How we embrace our diverse backgrounds, cultures, ideas and attitudes in a culture of kindness and respect. How we look after each other and strive to deliver a positive impact on the planet.

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You’ll help to grow some of the world’s most famous brands such as Coca-Cola, Mars, Google, Uber (to name but a few) and maybe pick up some awards along the way. But beyond that, your work can make the world a better place, collaborating to create sustainable campaigns that truly reflect the diversity of our societies.

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We’re busy making sure we have a culture where you can truly feel that you belong. A culture where you can bring your whole self to work, a culture where diversity of thought is welcomed and encouraged, a culture where your voice will be heard. A workplace that’s about breaking down barriers and creating opportunities, whatever your background. An environment where empathy and compassion are valued, and everyone is treated with equity, dignity and respect.

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At MediaCom, we want you to do great work and have a great life. We have embraced hybrid working to give you flexibility when you need it. We care passionately about whole person wellbeing and have a range of support programs in place. From 24/7 access to free confidential counselling, to resources to help with your physical and mental health, managing finances or dealing with loss. We have over 200 specially trained colleagues called Mental health Allies who are there to listen and signpost access to advice.

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The world doesn’t stand still. And neither do you. We’ll help you grow and evolve, learn and develop. Our equitable approach ensures that you will get the support you need to be the best you. We have a range of programs that cover mentoring, coaching & sponsorship, as well as dedicated training paths & curriculums to help you to build on your strengths and future-proof your career. And if you’re looking to take your career to another country, our Pathway program and dedicated mobility team will help you explore opportunities across our 125 offices, in 100 countries.

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"The formation of EssenceMediacom builds on the strong and proven relationship between the agencies to create the agency model our clients want for the future — one founded on brilliant strategy and brand-building capabilities, with pioneering digital expertise running throughout. EssenceMediacom will not only help our clients see the bigger picture and reimagine what’s possible; it will also provide opportunities for our people to upskill and train in new areas, further enriching and enhancing their careers." - Nick Lawson

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