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White paper: Decoding desire in China’s luxury social ecosystem

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China's luxury market offers incredible growth opportunities for brands. This white paper explains how to use social to activate them.

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A new generation of Chinese consumers are powering the global luxury market has two sides, but both start with a generation that developed an appetite for bags, shoes and high-end clothing and accessories as they watched skyscrapers and towers indelibly alter the landscape of their
cities and economies.

The luxury category growth in China is largely dependent upon Millennials and GenZ, who will account for 46% of purchases by 2025. These buyers are confident, connected and eager to self-differentiate after decades of watching global brands from the sidelines.

Understanding the values and the energy that drives these consumers cuts both ways for luxury brand houses who want to maintain their historical integrity but meet a new culture and a new world on new terms.

In this white paper, produced by MediaCom China and KANTAR, we reveal the blueprint to unlock the formula needed for luxury brands to activate their social media effectively for an audience-first approach.

The findings decode what makes luxury audiences share their experiences online and takes into consideration the nature of luxury audiences that are driven by videos and images.

Inside, we highlight four emerging trends which are fuelling growth for luxury brands in China, and reveal five ways to activate these inspiring trends across social platforms using MediaCom KANTAR’s LuxeLens Social Solution Toolbox.

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