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As the sun sets on the biggest tech event of the year, we reveal what marketers can learn from this year’s event.

The Consumer Electronics Show is a week of innovation, showcasing the latest technology from thousands of exhibiting companies from across 150 countries. As the global stage for innovation, products that end up changing the way we interact with and see the world often make their first appearances to the public at the show.

But what stood out at CES 2019 and why should marketers care? In this report, we recap the highlights of the week, predict how these new tech developments will impact consumer behaviour, and provide action points for advertisers looking to stay ahead of the curve.

We can distil our findings into five areas of focus for brands:

1. The 5G floodgates have been opened

The advent of 5G technology will send consumers’ mobile media consumption through the roof. To reach them successfully, the smartest brands will be those prepped and ready to share engaging content and experiences from the off. But where should they start?

2. Ecosystems of data, software and partnerships are getting wider

At CES 2019, the biggest step change was that suppliers had stopped creating their own software and started looking at Google, Amazon and Microsoft to ‘power’ their devices. This will tie consumers even more tightly into these ecosystems, but how will they respond and how can brands forge new partnerships to tap into these spaces?

3. The smart home has become the new store

The connected and smarter home products showcased at CES 2019 could do everything. From FoldiMate, the robotic laundry folder, to the energy-saving Heatworks (which uses the natural conductivity of water to heat your home), innovation was everywhere. But why should brands be concerned? Will the increasing amount of smart technologies in homes result in consumer memories becoming even more fragile to brands than they currently are today?

4. Voice is forcing brands to speak up

Voice was omnipresent at CES 2019, but the conversation shifted from smart speakers to integration. Google and Amazon (clearly emerging as victors) want to have voice everywhere and in everything, making it enticingly simple to integrate their AI-driven voice assistants into any product, from a toilet to air travel. But where do brands fit in?

5. Technology is becoming more resilient

Resilience was the overarching theme for CES 2019 and a common thread across all impactful technology on show – whether that be about making people’s lives better or changing people’s lives entirely. So, how does this impact brand purpose?

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