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The challenge

Hello! Thank you for coming to find out more about TikTok's Big Idea Challenge. We challenge you to create the best TikTok campaign you can, using 2 or more of the TikTok products or partner services (e.g. INCA and SubVRsive) available to you, in order to drive results and fulfill a customer journey. Please use a current client RFP or business challenge as the basis for your submission.

One client entry, per client entity, is permitted (per partner challenge) - if you have any questions about whether you can enter on behalf of your client please contact

Details on what should be included in your submission can be found within the submission template.

Who can enter and eligibility

This Challenge is open to local teams in the US, the UK, Italy, Spain, France, Germany and Canada (excluding Quebec). Global (or centralised) teams are able to participate as long as there is not a local market submission for the same client. Global (or centralised) teams are able to participate as long as there is not a local market submission for the same client. All entries must be accompanied by a signed Client Acknowledgement Letter (see 'How to Enter' below), by the 15th October.

The $1m USD prize value will be delivered as follows;

$500,000 to the winning team in the US

$100,000 to the winning team in Canada (excluding Quebec)

$150,000 to the winning team in the UK

$80,000 to the winning team in Germany

$70,000 to the winning team in France

$50,000 to the winning team in Italy

$50,000 to the winning team in Spain

The winning entry must deliver all media value between 1st January 2021 and 30th September 2021, excluding any public or national holidays (e.g. Valentine's Day, Easter), or key digital events (e.g. Black Friday) in the respective country.

Eligible Products & Inventory: Auction (Reach and Frequency)

Excluded Products & Inventory: TopView, One Day Max, HashTag Challenge

Costs Not Covered (i.e., Agency/advertiser client responsible for these costs): Tech Fees, Management Fees, 1P/3P Data, 3P Ad Verification, Ad Serving, 3P Research, Production Fees, Talent Fees, DCO Costs, Pass Through CPM costs for 3P Fees (when applicable), Non-Media costs as applicable, costs of using creators or third party creative agencies.

Please reference the full set of terms here

How will your entry be judged?


Driving inspirational content through original and diverse content.


Thinking outside the box and pushing the boundaries.

Use of product

Utilising products in a way that is thought provoking and promotes the product capabilities.

Business Impact

Drives positive business outcomes based on client KPI’s.

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How to enter

Step One

Watch the introductory video and read through the eligibility requirements above to ensure your client meets the requirements to take part in this challenge.

Step Two

You need permission from your client to enter this contest on their behalf. Download the Client Acknowledgement Letter for your client to sign, which should be uploaded to this registration page as soon as possible. NB. This letter may need to be reviewed by your client's legal team, so please ensure they receive it as soon as possible. Please also note only MediaCom employees will have access to this Registration page. If you need the Client Acknowledgement Letter sent for electronic signature, please contact

Step Three

Get in touch with your TikTok team if you need any help with your submission. Please contact (US), (Canada), (UK), (Germany), (France), (Spain), (Italy).

Download the submission template here, and work with your client, TikTok team and MediaCom colleagues to put your entry together.

Step Four

Please note only MediaCom employees will have access to the Submission page.

If you have any questions please contact or contact your TikTok team.

Good luck!

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