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The challenge

Despite Google's announcement at the end of June, cookieless is already a reality for a large proportion of online traffic, with marketers having to overcome challenges across measurement, targeting, attribution and fraud prevention to name a few. But there are opportunities in this shift as well to see how we can rethink advertising. So our challenge to you is to reimagine one of the key features of digital marketing - personalisation.

Online ads have relied upon 3rd party cookies as a key signal to personalise the creative and increase ROAS, but what does that look like in today's cookieless world? What signals can you use to engage the right consumers for your clients? How can you make the most of publisher environments on the open web, creating messaging that resonates with the consumer and delivering results across the marketing funnel, without relying on 3rd party data?

You should use either, or both, of Teads' flagship cookieless capabilities at the heart of your campaign - Contextual Targeting and/or our Predictive Audiences, our CookielessTranslator could also be of use. The effectiveness of your work should be proven through a robust measurement plan, showcasing how the combination of media creativity and cookieless targeting created an uplift in results.

One client entry, per client entity, is permitted (per partner challenge) - if you have any questions about whether you can enter on behalf of your client please contact

Who can enter and eligibility

This Challenge is open to local teams in the US, the UK, Italy, Spain, France, Germany and Canada (excluding Quebec). Global (or centralised) teams are able to participate as long as there is not a local market submission for the same client. All entries must be accompanied by a signed Client Acknowledgement Letter (see 'How to Enter' below), by the 15th October.

Please access the full terms and conditions here.

The Prize

One winning entry will be selected from each country, the winning client will receive;

$250k to the winning team in the US

$75k to the winning team in Canada (excluding Quebec)

$75k to the winning team in Spain

$100k to the winning team in Italy

$100k to the winning team in Germany

$200k to the winning team in UK

$200k to the winning team in France

The media value is exclusively limited to investment made through Teads Ad Manager and/or Teads Managed Services (excluding any booking coming from any other buying sources, such as programmatic sources, coming from private market place, third party DSPs or open exchange buying model). The following elements are also excluded from the Media Investment; Ad serving, Talent, Production, Data.

How will your entry be judged?


Leverage data signals in a new way to meaningfully connect with consumers


Rethink how user privacy and ad relevancy can exist together

Use of product

Leverage either, or both, of Teads' leading data products: Contextual Targeting and Predictive Audiences. Teads' Cookieless Translator can also be of use

Business Impact

Campaign success, aligned with client KPIs, must be clearly shown through measurement plan

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How to enter

Watch the introductory video and read through the eligibility requirements above to make sure your clients meets the requirements to take part in this challenge

Register for the contest to show your interest in taking part. Please note, in order to complete registration, you need to download this form for your client to sign, which should be uploaded to the registration page.

Please note that only MediaCom employees will have access to this Registration page. If you have any issues with registration, please contact

We’re here to help!
If you would like to enter, on behalf of your client, please email your local market rep in the first instance, also including these teams on the email;, and A kick off call will then be arranged to take you through the tools available and answer any questions you have.

For those yet to sign up to Teads Ad Manager (TAM) the team above will provide access as part of your submission. You will receive a registration link from, please then follow the sign up details. From there you will be able to access the Data Management tab at the top of the interface and utilise their Cookieless Translator and Custom Audience builder.

Download the submission document
, complete slides 5 – 10 and submit your entry here.

Please note, only MediaCom employees will have access to the submissions page.

Your local Teads contacts are; Max Leibson in the US (, Ryan Cook in the UK (, RJ Pauloski in Canada (, Thibault Leguillon in France (, Nick Poppitz in Germany (, Massimo Di Gennaio in Italy ( and Santiago Oliete in Spain (

Good luck!

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