Reflecting on our five most-read articles of 2020

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2020 has been a year of unpredictability. A lot has changed, whereas other trends have simply been accelerated by the pandemic. We reflect back on this year’s most-read articles to see what has caught your eye.

We love TV

Mariam Chahin: “We’ve never stopped loving TV. I mean, for a start, it works. In fact, it is often the glue that binds together brilliant communications systems as demonstrated through the work of our UK office along with Thinkbox and Gain Theory shows.

TV is undergoing fascinating change and with change comes opportunity (as both Google and Facebook have shown us over the last decade). Suffice to say reach delivery is changing shape and attention is also changing shape with it.”

MediaCom reflection: COVID-19 only accelerated the shift to streaming TV. Demand for over-the-top content, which was expected to grow steadily in the next few years, surged as pandemic lockdowns put live sporting events on hiatus and curtailed activities outside the home. And OTT platforms that were already challenging the long-held standards of the TV advertising market, saw a huge opportunity to expand their reach.

The importance of being brave

Fran Thompson: “We always think bravery is someone who’s not fearful, but it’s the opposite. We all feel frightened of something – bravery is getting over and overcoming that fear to do something anyway.

Bravery is about being ok with tolerating uncertainty. Changes – whether big or small – can throw you off and leave you feeling unbalanced, but if you deal with that uncertainty and go for it even when you’re not sure what’s going to happen, that’s bravery.”

MediaCom reflection: This was a really powerful article from Fran that highlighted how we all have weaknesses in some form. MediaCom continue to strive to create a culture of care and one that allows us people to express thoughts and feelings in a safe and inclusive environment. It takes conversations like Fran’s to drive awareness and keep momentum.

“If you tolerate racism, delete Uber”

MediaCom: “Working with our client, Uber and creative agency Wieden+Kennedy we delivered the extremely powerful “If you tolerate racism, delete Uber” campaign. We launched on August 28th – the 57th anniversary of the March on Washington and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s famous, “I Have a Dream Speech”.

The integrated racial injustice campaign’s message was delivered across social media, emails, in app notifications and featured on billboards in 13 major U.S. cities. In addition to its own messaging, Uber also shared the ACLU’s Protesters’ Rights guide, advising protesters on steps to protest peacefully.”

MediaCom reflection: During a time of heightened consumer activism, brands are looking to see how they can act and support equity within their communities and beyond. Uber’s campaign is an excellent example of this and for those involved it was less about the advertising and more about taking a stand.

White paper: MediaCom decodes China’s booming play economy

MediaCom: “China is a nation of fun-loving consumers and while ‘play’ increasingly influences consumer decision-making in all aspects of daily life, it goes far beyond ‘fun and games’. “The Future of Play” looks at how opportunities for brands take different forms across different sectors and identifies three key modes of activation for brands to connect with consumers.

While ‘play’ is often synonymous with ‘fun’, our research revealed that consumers seek out play to satisfy a wide variety of need-states. What’s more, the opportunities for brands take different forms across different sectors going far beyond children’s toys or video games.”

MediaCom reflection: Many of the behaviours seen in China during the pandemic are now flipping from short-term adaptations into longer-term habits as more a greater number of consumers chose to spend more time on experiencing online play activities. Play is a global phenomenon and we’re increasingly willing to allow new forms of play to influence our decision-making processes, which inspired us to dig deeper as we launched our multi-market reflection on play following this report.

Virtual Bat Mitzvah

MediaCom: A Bat Mitzvah is a once-in-a-lifetime event – a rite of passage in Judaism from childhood to adulthood celebrated when a girl turns 12 – it includes a ceremony in Synagogue followed by a large celebration, attended by family and friends.

However, during the Coronavirus pandemic, the Israeli government imposed strict lockdown laws meaning Bat-Mitzvah’s were all but cancelled. Feminine hygiene brand ‘Always’ stepped up to help and created the world’s first-ever virtual Bat Mitzvah. It took place on April 22nd whereby any girl that turned 12 between March 1st – May 31st could join in via Facebook Live.

MediaCom reflection: This campaign was an incredible solution to a complex problem. The pandemic has made us all think differently, especially with regard to creativity, which is at least one positive to take into the new year!

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