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Valeria Falcone


Growing up, Valeria loved nerd culture but it was only seen as acceptable for boys and not for girls. She continued her passion and now feels embraced in this community, believing we can all learn a lot about specific audiences, especially when in advertising.

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Since I was a kid, I always loved nerd culture. Women within this kind of content are always represented as very strong and smart, so I preferred fighters instead of princesses.

I grew up feeling the pressure of society telling me, that in a certain way, I was wrong for the hobbies and for the kind of content that I liked.

My mum never understood the fact that I love video games. One day she really got angry because for Christmas I brought my PlayStation with me. I just answered that for sure in the evening she will watch a movie, and that watching a movie is not that different to playing video games.

Playing video games really develops your strategic skills. You are trained to think under pressure and to take a decision very quickly while thinking efficiently, so it's something that can really help you at work.

When you work in advertising you tend to work with very large groups, but we always have to keep in mind that our people are not all the same. Being part of a very small community like nerd communities helps you to understand and remember that people are not all the same.

My name is Valeria Falcone. I'm a Strategic Planner for Creative Systems, MediaCom Milan.

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