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Shwetal Shah


Shwetal Shah, Technology Partnership Manager, BLINK Consulting, tells us a little bit about herself and her upbringing in Mumbai and how that has inspired the work she does.

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I was born and brought up in Mumbai India. I was surrounded by young people who were equally talented, but unfortunately didn't have the same opportunities as I did. I started wondering how I could use the weapon of privilege that I had to make a difference to young people's lives who didn't have the same opportunities as me when.

I was doing my undergrad degree in Mumbai I started volunteering and teaching English to homeless kids in Mumbai. I realised the power of education could make a huge difference to young people's lives. I was determined that I would find a way to make educational opportunities more accessible to young people. I moved to the UK initially to pursue a master's degree in international marketing.

I was the youngest and the only female at my first job, but that acted as a motivation for me to go out and create initiatives and events which would inspire more girls and women to want to pursue careers within STEM. I started inviting women scientists to talk about their work across free public lectures in London. I made a documentary on women in tech inspired by the film that I created the feminist library in London reached out to me and they created a free year-long tech skills program for women or for people who identify as women.

One of the initiatives that I’m currently working on is giving grants to young people to work on science and technology projects and give them access to mentors. At the same time, I have been able to set up my scholarship fund back in India. Last year I realized my ambition by being able to fund seven girls education in a small village in India. These girls otherwise wouldn't have had the opportunity to go back to school.

I am Shwetal Shah. I work at MediaCom global as a technology partnerships manager in the BLINK Consulting team.

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