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Ilenia Martina


Ilenia can be her true self at work and that's an important aspect she tries to instil in her own team at MediaCom, creating an environment where everyone feels they can express themselves.

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My mum was partially raised in Argentina. After a quick stop in Sicily in Italy, she continued to move into Germany. To help her learn the language, she was placed in a class at school that was two years behind and in this class she met my dad.

After 15 years together, they separated and my mum raised me as a single mum and she had to work very long hours. I had to do my own breakfast and all things like that, so I learned to be very independent at a very young age. One day in school a career consultant asked if I knew what a media agency was. I didn't, but it sounded very interesting so I thought I would try to get into the biggest media agency in Germany and luckily MediaCom accepted and said ‘yes’.

More than 10 years later, I'm still here at MediaCom. The great thing about being at MediaCom is that I can be who I am who I want to be. This is also for my team, they can be who they are, and do their things their way even if it's not my way. I try to set up an environment where everyone can express themselves and there isn't a single day in this job where I don't learn something new especially, now working on a client like Uber. I'm Ilenia Martinez, I am group Head Media Consulting and Head of Planning at MediaCom.

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