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Divine Noeli


Divine Noeli, MediaCom South Africa, tells us a little bit about herself and her earliest experiences of advertising in our first People First stories in collaboration with GroupM.

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From a very young age, I've loved being able to dress up and change my style. My biggest influence is my Mum. She used to do my hair and braids, sometimes straighten my hair, sometimes leave my hair in afro, or make it curly, and I absolutely love that.

My earliest memory of a commercial, was when I was about six years old. It was an ad for a hair company. The women in that commercial were very thin, had very light skin. Some had long blonde straight hair, some had wavy hair, and they all sort of had blue-eyed green-eyed. It seemed as if that message wasn't for me. It was for these types of women. It is hard to feel like you're walking in a world where you're already sort of disadvantaged in some way.

Advertising is a huge contributor to the way that we see images and depictions of people. To be at the table assisting with making decisions for very very big brands that reach many people is huge.

My name is Divine Noeli. I'm a Strategy Director at MediaCom and I'm based in Johannesburg.

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