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Axel Aldana


Axel Aldana, MediaCom Mexico, tells us a little bit about himself with a touching tribute to his grandfather as well as his earliest experiences of advertising in this People First story in collaboration with GroupM.

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My Grandfather was a very important person for me. He was an indigenous farmer in Mexico, very poor in terms of material issues but in terms of ideas, he was a very rich person.

He knew the power that all of us have as people to create things that can leave an impact positive on the world. I remember seeing my Grandfather, I remember putting a seed in the ground one at a time and from those seeds, after about 100/150 days, rows of corn stalks emerged. Finally that corn will be enough to feed even a whole village.

This made me realize the power of an idea. A small seed can even change an entire landscape and improve the lives of many people. I have indigenous roots living in a contemporary world and every day I try to mix these two worlds. It may be true I think it is really important and vital to see ourselves as part of nature, even as we use technology to make life more convenient and connected.

What I try to do with my work goes far beyond advertising, it is about proposing values ​​that give respect to the environment that gives respect to diversity, to life, and use the power of creation to be able to change the world for something better. I am Axel Aldana. I am the Head of Creative at MediaCom, Mexico City.

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