In Conversation With Ian Forrester, DAIVID

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Tom Saunter, MediaCom's Global Head of Creative & Media Technologies, talks to Ian Forrester, CEO & Founder of DAIVID about the role of emotion in advertising and how AI can help when measuring advertising effectiveness.

Technology can help us understand and measure emotional responses. DAIVID's biometrics and survey techniques can tell you what parts of an advert evoke emotion from content. Forrester argues that metrics like impressions and view-through rates are helpful but they don't do enough to show why an advert was effective. Using the example of the Super Bowl, there are only a couple of winners to come out of this event but brands could do a better job at understanding the emotional drivers of a campaign to be more successful.

Forrester continues by explaining the AI behind the work that DAIVID is doing and how it makes his work scalable, adding with content overload the industry will need to evolve quickly to help make the shift.

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