In Conversation with Bayer’s Global Chief Marketing and Digital Officer, Patricia Corsi

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Patricia Corsi, Bayer’s Global Chief Marketing and Digital Officer, outlines her lockdown experience at home and at work and the implications of the crisis for the health industry.

What behaviours are you seeing from consumers globally within your category? What has changed and what has stayed the same?

We have seen consumers more engaged with their families and their own health. The consumption and exchange of information online, with friends and family, through messaging apps are on the rise. We have also noticed a renewed appreciation for the simple joys of life such as cooking, reading, gardening – implying there is a significant shift of the way people are spending their time vs before. The role of brands to be trusted sources of information for the consumer has increased, whilst the way of searching remains the same. Some of these renewed habits will surely remain and become the ‘new normal’. Hence, brands must guarantee serving their customers and consumers in a new evolved manner.

How has your job changed in the past few weeks?

Like many during several weeks of quarantine, working from home has been the biggest change. All connections done virtually have the benefit of making all teams equal, no matter where they are in the globe. However, connecting via video for a full day has been much more energy-consuming than anticipated, so I have added daily walks with my dog to release muscles and clear my mind. The silver lining is having more time with my family despite longer working hours, as there is no inefficiencies with time spent commuting. Having lunch and dinner with my family members, even for 30 mins daily, is something I am grateful for. Finally, I am even more connected than previously, with all events being virtual there is so much learning available for someone like me with a curious mind.

What’s been your biggest personal challenge during this time?

I have missed the energy from people in the office. Also, to keep connected to the countries and the developments across the globe from a distance has been even more challenging than usual. I must also confess that some cabin fever days have happened around here.

Has your industry seen any significant changes that you think will outlast the pandemic?

The Health industry is at the centre of attention during this pandemic and the empathy and care shown by many are great examples of how science and humanity are one of a same and should definitely remain after the crisis passes. Also, the resurgence of the intrinsic purpose of brands in the self-care area is coming back to stay.

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