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Nord DDB Presents: Unexpected Works

By Margo Howie, SEO Account Director

Panel: Andreas Dahlqvist, CEO, Nord DDB, David Sandström, CMO, Klarna

The average person scrolls through 90 metres of content on their phone per day, but Klarna CMO David Sandström acknowledges that the average person does not want to engage with a start-up fintech company.

As Nord DDB’s Head of Social Media, Anna Olivemark, put it: “Who wants to hang out with a financial services company?” In 2016, 20% of survey respondents said they would never use Klarna. At the time, it was a typical-looking navy blue bank lookalike.

Perception needed to change so, with the help of Nord DDB, Klarna began rewriting the rules for how a financial services company looked, sounded and engaged with people. Less navy blue, less skyscrapers, less suits -unless it’s a satin pimp suit worn by their new spokesman, Snoop Dogg.

Klara’s creative messaging promised “Smoooth payments” - so smooth it warranted an extra “o” and a mile of Swiss cheese to drive the point across. When brands stop taking users for granted, they can have astonishing results, according to Sandström.

Long a quiet workhorse in the background of other Swedish Unicorn start-ups, with the help of their playful campaigns, Klarna has grown to become the second biggest fintech company in the world.

Much of its success is thanks to financially savvy but distrustful Millennials and Gen Z’s who appreciated a company that made money, a less intimidating, less navy blue besuited world.

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