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BLINK Consulting, MediaCom’s digital transformation consultancy, has published a new multi-series report identifying where brands should focus their efforts in tackling digital disruption.

With an estimated $2tn of revenue at risk over the next five years due to disruption in the use of digital, data, and technology, developing the right strategy is business-critical.

To help our clients see the bigger picture around how digital disruption can impact your brand, we are offering an in-depth exploration of this essential topic.

In the first of this series Digital Disruptors I: What is a disruptor, and where should brands focus? we explore the factors that power digital disruption in marketing and how to prepare for their impact.

The report identifies key changes that occur when new technologies and business models affect the value proposition of existing goods and services. It also provides marketers with a framework to allow them to identify and plan for disruption, based around four Ps: Prioritise, Plan, Prepare and Postpone.

The framework is designed to help brands better identify and plan for future disruption, which categorises 10 key disruptors’ marketers should be aware of, their potential impact and the level of urgency needed to act on them, ranging from Consumer First Privacy, Scalable MAD Tech solutions and the shift to eCommerce.


Our industry talks at length about ‘disruption’, often in in the context of new tech, or changes in consumer behaviour resulting from ‘digital’ devices but there are far more fundamental threats. Digital Disruptors provides a clear framework for brands to identify the trends that matter to their business, allowing them to focus resource where it’s needed.

Vanessa Newkirk, Global Head of MAD Tech, MediaCom BLINK Consulting

Future reports from BLINK will use the same framework to address disruptors through an industry-specific lens and reveal at how best to approach disruption at both global and local levels.

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