A Marketer’s Lens on CES 2020

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We provide a marketers lens on CES 2020, the biggest tech event of the year.

Every year we see an overwhelming amount of technology at CES – whether it’s the never-been-seen before or an evolution of an existing model, it can be challenging to find the most relevant and scalable opportunities for a brand. We’re also all too often focusing on the technology itself, rather than how it will impact consumer behaviour.

In our CES report, you can get an insight into what the latest technology means to marketers, with a specific focus on retail, health, content, connected living and automotive. All seen through the three lenses of what we call The Relevancy Resolution; whereby technology is adopted to either fulfil a brand’s purpose, become culturally relevant or to be personally relevant to the consumer.

1 Retail

eMarketer predicts global consumer retail spending will rise 4.1% in 2020 to $26.074 trillion. There is a lot to play for. Therefore, nailing the right kind of tech to drive and help fulfil your brand purpose, while also enhancing your customer experience is crucial.

2 Digital Health

The healthcare industry has been reluctant to embrace digital in the past due to costs, privacy, security, and fragmentation. The past decade has seen innovations such as big data, telemedicine, and virtual reality accelerate disruption in consumer wellness and healthcare, pushing the tipping point where benefits outweigh the costs (Digimind), and the proof was CES 2020.

3 Content

What we watch on TV and the way in which we watch has been revolutionized by Netflix, YouTube, Hulu, Disney+, Apple TV+ and other streaming services along with streaming boxes such as Roku, Amazon Fire TV and Apple TV. With the promise of 5G, still on the horizon, one can see that making it easy to consume content across devices will continue to be a focus of many companies and brands.

4 Vehicle Technology and Automotive

While we’re moving toward a fully electric future, the concept vehicles out this year point to very different conceptual realities. Many of the cars appear similar because of the laws of aerodynamics, but their purpose couldn’t be more different, and it’s all centered around a fundamental question: “What will a car be in the future?”

5 Connected Living

CES provided a lens into the “age of technology assisted connected living”, unraveling at an accelerated pace that we haven’t seen or experienced before.

To learn more about these trends and find out what to do next, download ‘A Marketer’s Lens on CES 2020’ now.

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