Sasha Savic, U.S. CEO named U.S. Executive of the Year in Adweek’s Media All-Star List


Sasha Savic, U.S. CEO named U.S. Executive of the Year in Adweek’s Media All-Star List

Sasha Savic, our U.S. CEO has been named the U.S. Executive of the Year in Adweek's annual Media All-Stars list.

Despite all of his successes at MediaCom, including the ninth consecutive year of growth under his leadership, Sasha is proudest of his at once less quantifiable and more lasting.

“To build a winning culture and make people believe everything is possible, that there are no limits for us. When you see people go with that attitude into every client meeting, that makes me proud,” says Savic. “When you build a culture, that’s something that stays.”

Sasha’s approach to guiding MediaCom through the pandemic centered on prioritizing and trusting in the agency’s people and working tirelessly as a partner for clients, “Sasha rolled up his sleeves and worked magic to cancel or defer the majority of our guaranteed TV buys and reconfigure our digital spend to be optimized for an online-only retailer,” says Signet CEO Gina Drosos, calling the move a “critical enabler” of Signet’s ability to grow year over year.'

Sasha’s ability to put ‘People First’ during 2020 lead to the growth of the workforce by 2.5% over the course of a year. In addition, he prioritized employee well-being with programs supporting physical and mental health and an enhanced commitment to DEI with initiatives that helped MediaCom become the only media agency in the U.S. to make the 2020 Diversity Best Practices Inclusion Index.

Furthermore, under Sasha’s leadership, the agency had increased client satisfaction by 20% and added $300 million in organic revenue growth from existing accounts.

Adweek mentioned that “where others saw only challenges and disruption, Sasha and MediaCom saw opportunities for advancement and evolution. The agency invested heavily in helping clients reimagine planning investments, build up eCommerce capabilities and engage with consumers directly, charting a path forward that should put the agency—and its clients—in a good position for 2021 and the years to come.”

“The industry probably changed more last year than it will change in five to 10 years,” Sasha says. “That promise of media moving into the addressable world actually happened, and we saw the big opportunity for us there to do new and different things.”

Congratulations Sasha!

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