Meet the Winners of MediaCom's 'Pic Me' Global Photography Contest

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MediaCom employees got their cameras at the ready for this creative contest, in partnership with Instagram.

Pic Me offers every MediaCom employee around the globe the chance to contribute photographs to the entire agency to use in presentations, comms, on social and in all of MediaCom's designs.

Following over 1000 submissions, to both of our 'People First' and 'Seeing The Bigger Picture' categories, we can now reveal the winners of the contest who also share the story behind each picture.

MediaCom PicMe - Grand Prix and Gold

Grand Prix x2

Karan Soni, MediaCom India

"I was on a motorcycle tour through Rann of Kutch – a salt desert flatland in the Thar desert region of India. The skies tend to get clear in the vast emptiness of the desert, the location is apt for astrophotography. I knew I had to keep my motorcycle as a subject. I borrowed a tent from a nearby campsite to complete the sense of an adventure. Every single clear night sky for me is a reason to capture what our eyes cannot see and See The Bigger Picture."

"I like how this picture captured the complete opposite of Mumbai. Mumbai railways are a true lifeline of the never-sleeping city. This train is empty and seldom does that happen. People are stressed, in a hurry, having a laugh, engrossed in their mobile phones. And amidst all these types of people, my friend decides to meditate in the middle of the coach, with no one around. I just had to capture this irony."

Pic Me People First Gold - Lennart Hintz - MediaCom Switzerland

People First | Gold

Lennart Hintz, MediaCom Switzerland

"Finding views and capturing interesting moments is my passion. So I‘m always ready to take pictures. However, in this image, this is of my mum who is in a retirement home and she is suffering from dementia. This picture was taken while we took her for a walk, and it's her hand in mine. We, and especially my sister, try to take care of her, so there is a real People First theme behind it.“

Pic Me People First Silver - Gabby Sandrianti, MediaCom Indonesia

People First | Silver

Gabby Sandrianti, MediaCom Indonesia

"Choosing the right travel mates is key when deciding to go away as a group. People have different personalities especially when together for a certain period, although by exploring something new, you can co-create amazing moments. This photo was taken when I went to Sumba (Indonesia) with my three friends. We are very different people but this sense of a shared journey made the memories we had even stronger. This photo showed how happy we were and I can't wait to go on another trip together!"

Pic Me Seeing the Bigger Picture Gold - Katarzyna Rynkiewicz

Seeing the Bigger Picture | Gold

Katarzyna Rynkiewicz, MediaCom Poland

"Two years ago I went on a city break trip to Vienna. During my visit to the Prater, I saw so many amazing lights that adorned the amusement park that I decided to use the opportunity to take pictures that would reflect the view and the moment. People were walking around, there was graffiti on the walls, soft lighting from shops, and the wheel in the middle encapsulated the final effect. Due to the lighting and composition, I can proudly say that this picture is one of my favourites."

Pic Me Seeing The Bigger Picture Silver Anjaratiana Rahamefy MediaCom Belgium

Seeing the Bigger Picture | Silver

Anjaratiana Rahamefy, MediaCom Belgium

"This photo was taken in Madagascar, where I am originally from. I've been an opacarophile since I can remember, in Instagram terms, it's called a #sunsetlover or #sunsetchaser. It has become my passion to capture the moment when the sky and earth create this magic. This photo represents to me how tiny we are compared to the vast nature around us and how each element contributes and adds to the story: the endless view, the calm sea, the colour palette, all coming together to make each sunset unique."

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