MediaCom Zagreb and Kindergarten Kids lead the way for a plastic-free Croatia

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Agency highlights the importance of recycling.

As a reflection of WPP’s global decision to eliminate the use of disposable plastics, MediaCom Croatia has used its creativity and marketing expertise to not only manage the fight against plastic internally but to lead the way in the wider community.

MediaCom Zagreb teamed up with the children of Kindergarten Dobro Drvo (Good Tree), a company situated in the same business complex as the local MediaCom office, where many of the 1,500 employees from local businesses drop off their children every day.

The children produced more than 70 paintings to raise awareness of the importance of recycling plastic for a better environment. We amplified their work by re-formatting the paintings into posters, canvas bags, prints for advertising surfaces in all elevators and an exhibition around the buildings within the business complex used by many companies.

We then invited all companies in the premises to join the initiative and follow 18 rules that would earn them the title of a plastic-free company.

The campaign was a huge success with many Croatian publishers visiting the exhibition and inviting other businesses to join in the fight against plastic.

If you would like to know more, please contact Managing Director of MediaCom Zagreb, [email protected].

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