What inspired us at CES 2016

We hope everyone had a chance to experience CES 2016, either live from Las Vegas or via our real-time news and trends hub at

What was most important this year? Unlike previous years, CES 2016 was far more rooted in the now: a much higher percentage of the items on display could be purchased either immediately or within the next few months. That’s a big change and perhaps a sign of the industry’s (and consumers’) waning interest in fanciful ideas that may never materialise.

We have pulled together a summary of the best of what we saw at CES through the lense of: Connected Home, Lifestyle, Mobile, Health & Wellness and Beauty.

Download our CES 2016 summary here.

There is more to see at CES than you have capacity to consume and we hope this summary gives you a helpful curation of some of the best things that inspired us this year. Upon reflection, this was the first year that many of us came away saying, “I would use that”. Less fantasy and more real-life solutions on display is, we believe, a very good trend.

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