Welcome to BLINK #11 – The Culture Issue

This edition of BLINK concerns itself with culture. Not the superficial, transient cultural trends that marketers often focus on, but the deep cultural forces that define how societies and consumers think, feel and behave.

These forces – or dimensions – are defined in Cultural Connections, a new study we have commissioned in partnership with Itim International’s Hofstede Centre. In this study, we have interviewed 60,000 consumers across 63 countries to understand why they respond to specific brands and messages in different ways.

These results have allowed us to build detailed profiles of consumer cultures and remap the world according to attitudes and behaviours. It’s a major shift away from our industry’s traditional binary ‘global versus local’ view, and the results may surprise you.

In this issue, we explore a few of these findings in detail and reveal insights that will help brands connect with more consumers in more markets. This includes in Latin America, which is more culturally diverse than many marketers think, and Japan, where consumers prefer facts and figures to emotional messages.

Elsewhere in the magazine, we explain how tech advances are changing the way immigrants assimilate in Canada (a trend which is forcing brands to take a more granular approach), and investigate why Chinese consumers love luxury brands so much.

We also examine the cultural profile of Israel – a place where many global advertisers have struggled to achieve long-term success – and share universal learning points for brands looking to launch new products in new markets.

I hope our opinions inspire you to think about how culture works in your country and reflect on the underlying forces that influence your own attitudes and behaviours.


Stephen Allan

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