Live From Inside the Human Body

In a global broadcasting first, we live streamed an operation and demonstrated to people that the world’s biggest killer, cancer, can be beaten.


Half of us will get cancer in our lifetime. Over 150,000 British people die every year from the disease. 63% of people in the UK don’t believe cancer will ever be beaten.

CRUK had to show people how far we’ve come in beating the big C.


In a global broadcasting first, we teamed up with Channel 4, the UK’s third largest broadcaster, to live-stream a colonoscopy during an ad break.

Our advert was streamed on Facebook Live and a cancer nurse then took over our broadcast to answer viewers’ questions, which was also available across Channel 4’s social media accounts.


We reached thirty million people, over half the adult population, through PR and 2 million people watched our live advert on Channel 4 and Facebook Live.

• +30% in web-visits to fundraising pages on the CRUK website.

• +30% in bowel cancer information pack downloads

Awards and Recognition

  • Festival of Media Global | Gold: Best Use of Live Streaming
  • Festival of Media Global | Silver: Collaboration
  • Campaign Media Awards | Grand Prix
  • Media Week Awards | Gold: Small Collaboration
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