Fernando Silva: Dear 16-year-old me

Fernando Silva, MediaCom Latin America CEO, would tell his 16-year-old self that it is risks and hard work that prevail.

Dear 16-year-old Fernando (Bufalo),

I know you don’t want to read this because your friends are probably impatiently waiting outside to play football; don’t worry, I won’t take up too much of your time.

Although military school sounds fun and exciting, you need to think is that what you really want to do, or are you just copying everyone else? Exciting things are coming… you may now dream about “Fernando Silva, Argentina’s most respected soldier”, but soon you will think of yourself as “Fernando Silva – smart, educated and successful CEO” – just be patient my friend.

You don’t realise your great talents just yet, and if there’s one thing that’s still true it’s that Mum knows best – military school is not right for you.

I know Grandpa ‘abuelo’ was one of Argentina’s most successful court clerks, managing to emigrate from Italy and do so well in Argentina is very impressive. Yes, he was amazing but so are you – your strengths lie in meeting people, creating teams and working on projects. Just try and learn from all your experiences and opportunities.

You may find you have a rather peculiar job selling medical insurance at 18 and your boss will try and sell a cheaper package by waiting outside the office of your competitor! This is the real world, thinking outside the box will become one of your greatest attributes.

You don’t know it yet but you’re going to have the chance to travel the world, explore new cultures, learn from so many different people, apply yourself in a variety of ways and although you think your success may come later on in life, you won’t actually have to wait too long. More importantly, no one will be shooting at you!

Between you and I, you will be CEO at 30 and be leading the Central American operations for a global company, from Honduras. Some people may say you are crazy to leave Argentina, but you need to trust your gut and take risks because your hard work really does prevail.

You will love your job and be so grateful and happy that all the effort you have put in to be where you are right now has paid off.

Best of luck,


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